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Hero Zone blog as entertainment purposes only by an individual who had passion in blogging as hobby. There is no editor… its a purely fun fanatics which happened that marvel, dc comics, anime and cartoon hero and villain characters is one my interest to collect. That’s why I made this blog just to collect my entire favorite characters which to share us well for those interested and fanatics of this characters. All the content, video and other form are coming from the help of other free resources which I used just to complete my own web blog.

Hero Zone noticed an explosion in hero and villains coming from marvel, dc, anime and cartoon around the web as well as blog, message boards and etc. Other reasons, this blog makes as another alternative for Hero fanatics where they can read and watch or even discuss about the best episodes, movie and stuff about on our favorite characters. Again, hero zone is another form of purely free sources and it provided for entertainment purposes only. It has no intension to harm or jeopardize the other web blog/site. If ever, don’t hesitate to contact me (below) and I will right away fix it or even up to deletion of part which you think that I violated.

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Elfman said...

hi Im elfman of "Orewa Sai" band

hellow to all staff of HEro zone

can i ask a few question to the show??

how can i kwon if the show have a gigz...??

if its every year??

and can we join my band to the gig show??

thank you very much ...i hope you reply my small message to the sow

thank you...^_^

6/3/08, 4:58 AM
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