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March 30, 2007 @ 8:57 PM |

"I am Bruce Wayne, The dark detective of the Gotham City by the name of BATMAN"

Batman Beyond was premiered on the 9th of January 1999 and lasted on the 18th of December 2001. It takes place 20 years after Batman last appeared.

Bruce Wayne now in his 70s and no longer suited to do the job takes the batman suit away and vow that will never use it again. Terry McGinnis, a teenager whose father was killed because he decides to expose the criminal activities at the company he's working for the Wayne-Powers Enterprises. Terry met Bruce as he was beaten by some thugs and he was taken to the mansion and he discovers the secret of Bruce Wayne. Bruce mentored Terry to become The Tomorrow's Knight, to be the new Batman and to battle villains and other new breeds of criminals in Gotham City. Derek Powers, the CEO of Wayne-Powers Enterprises was one of the villains Batman is after for.
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Cryxellis said...

I like Batman specially with the appearance of Poison Ivy and Bat Girl. They were both beautiful but in different aspect.

10/22/07, 12:36 AM
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