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"My name Tony Stark a man behind the true identity of Iron Man; he lives, he walks and conquers."

Iron Man is a fictional superhero character created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby made for Marvel Comics Universe.

Anthony “Tony” Stark was foaled in Long Island, New York. He enters the undergraduate heart-expanding engineering program at MIT while un-paragon 15 years old and graduates at the top of his class. At the age of 21, he inherits his father's company, Stark Industries, after his parents are killed in a car accident. One of the first chooses in possession Stark does is buy out the company that made the faulty brakes on his parents' car and censure the mechanical problem.


The Iron Man series will be aired on big screen on slated release date on May 2, 2008 that starred by Robert Downey Jr. as Anthony Stark. The movie was directed by Jon Favreua and the main stars of the said movie that produced by Marvel Studios. So better wait for the upcoming film in your favorite movie theater.

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Darkwell said...

Iron Man Movie version will be Super for liking not only in Comics and Cartoon series but even in Games. He's one of this all time favorite super hero!!!

11/23/07, 3:56 AM
harry said...

May 8, 2008 ?... damn.. that waiting is killing me.

11/26/07, 4:14 AM
Anonymous said...

I like Iron Man but I hope this one will be a good movie!

12/17/07, 10:28 AM
psyche said...

I love your review...I like Iron Man he is great...

12/20/07, 12:26 PM
About said...

damn, I really can't wait for this upcoming movie..Iron Man.

1/3/08, 11:17 AM
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