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"Bring your kids, people, as Mandarin tells us an amazing story filled with sexual innuendo."

The Mandarin is one of the fictional characters in marvel comics, a super villain that is an archenemy of Iron Man and had got first appearance on Tales of Suspense #50 (1964). The Mandarin's late father is one of the wealthiest men in pre-revolutionary mainland China (and claims to be a direct stepchild of Genghis Khan), while his late mother is an English noblewoman. His parents die sainted after their son's birth, and he is raised by his father's sister, who is bilious in opposition to the world and raises him with much the same consensus gentium. He displays scientific aptitude at an early age and uses his inheritance for education in divaricated sciences in China and abroad. In his grown up he becomes a high government official, or mandarin, and becomes renowned rant and rave out China for his administrative brilliance.

However, with the favor of mainland China's Communist revolution, the Mandarin is deprived of his position, his palace, and his wealth. Hoping to find a means of restoring himself to a position of power, the Mandarin explores the illicit "Valley of Spirits," where no one has dared set foot for centuries. There he finds the skeleton and starship of Axonn-Karr, an intelligent dragon-like alien from the planet Maklu-4, who had come to Earth centuries ago and died. Over the following years, the Mandarin studies Makluan science until he masters it. He vet learns how to use the ten rings he found within the starship which were apparently its propulsion dawning, among other things. The Mandarin then subjugates the villages around the Valley, and, undertakes his elderly science, rapidly becomes a power that not differential the Chinese Army could inimitability fully compunction. He then embarks on a long series of attempts to achieve world domination.
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Christina said...

Got an interesting blog and plot there. Keep posting more of them in the future ^_^

12/27/07, 10:32 PM
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