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"I’m the jumper and going to anywhere is nothing possible for me".

Jumper is a 1992 fictional character based on written novel of Steven Gould which the story tells about a young teenager, Davey. He had special gift which is a genetic abnormality that allows him to teleport himself by using his thoughts. Although at first he doesn’t know how to use his power but later as he familiarized his talent he use it against any criminal activities and to find his long-lost mother. His gifts have existed for centuries that find him in war that has been raging for many years already between the “Jumper” and “Paladins”.

On a film version which going to release on February 14, 2008 of the same title, Hayden Christensen played as “Jumper” (stars on “Awaken” along Jessica Alba). The film has directed by Doug Liman which written in screenplay by David S. Goyer and other stars are Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Bilson, and Jamie Bell. This film was also “a must seen movie of the year on our favorite movie theater” as the new superhero character that produced by 20th Century Fox.

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