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X-men origin: Wolverine is another much awaited movie of Hugh Jackman and said it will be shown in our favorite movie theater on May 1, 2009. Based on this teaser video that I’ve watched it has also new marvel characters we can watch and the most I like is this superhero characters, “Gambit and Weapon 11” (although I’m not much sure if Gambit is one of character that I saw on the trailer). One more thing, the movie was more on the origin of Logan as a soldier into how he became Wolverine and a part of it is between the villains, Sabrettooth and other marvel characters. This movie will definitely sure big block buster for the year of 2009 by Hugh Jackman and other talented actors including Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, and Ryan Reynolds.

Wolverine Origin X-Men Movie
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