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Eclipso is one of the super villain fictional individual characteristics in DC Comics which owned of being the incarnation of the wrath of God which is an angel of reprisal which turned to bad and has been restoring by the Spectre. His first look was on #61 of “House of Secrets” in August 1963 which the article was in writing by Bob Haney and Drawn by Lee Elias. The cosmos and the creator made Eclipso, a god who would search reprisal and proceed as an agency of balance in the universe. Eclipso was flawed because he was not tethered to a human owner, owned persons at will, and needed human empathy. Eclipso was tricked in the Heart of Darkness, and the Spectre was conceived to restore him, a being that blended fairness with compassion.

His power was tremendously powerful, almost invulnerable and could levitate. Most of his god-like forces were lost and moved into the Heart of Darkness diamonds. When he retains one of these very dark diamonds to his eclipsed eye, it tasks a chilling beam of very dark lightweight that types an impenetrable field. When held to his usual eye it blazes mighty laser beams. Eclipso's forces were at their strongest while he resided on the moon. He could manifest himself on Earth only at evening and only when summoned by a possessor of a very dark diamond. Eclipso was summoned by sentiments of storm and revenge, and he manifests himself in two distinct ways. A hard-hitting character kind who summoned Eclipso was instantly changed into an Eclipso type of him/herself, keeping their own adeptness but furthermore profiting those of Eclipso. A summoner who has a passive character rather than evoked a distinct Eclipso, who takes on the characteristics of the individual's power fantasy. After Eclipso manifested himself in a individual, communicate with the very dark precious gem is no longer necessary. Each Eclipso was compelled to persuade the revenge fantasy of its owner body before being free to chase its own agenda. Eclipso's consciousness resided simultaneously in all living versions of himself, and one time he took contain of a individual he stayed a part of them until he chose to issue them, or he came in communicate with sunlight. Sunlight is Eclipso's prime flaw; it disintegrates his corporal pattern on contact.
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