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The Blue Sky's Tears

In the darkness of being alone
I knew the meaning of your tears.
I embarked to a place prey,
I don't want to hurt anyone

The wind blowing over the ocean,
Not getting lost today and heading towards tomorrow,
But somehow my heart won't budge

*Regardless of the fate that awaits
I won't to regret the things I live for
Because within sadness there is courage
I believe in taking a hold of that light

The pouring tears of the blue sky
Will someday become a smile

The wind following at a fast pace
Will slip through my fingers
The things I believe are still scary but,
But I'm not going to stop

The moon beats softly on my shoulders
And I will even forget getting lost
On the reflected moon road

Even if I wait for a tomrrow of nothing
A hand will give rise to something
And the chosen path will change
These strong feelings now, well up

The tears shed by the blue sky's
Will surely clear up tomarrow

To where I look up,
That is where I am suppose to start.
I can go anywhere,
If I don't give up on myself


The pouring tears of the blue sky
Will someday become a smile
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harry said...

Nice post! i remember this series.. i use to watch this with my 3 little nephews.

11/6/07, 1:43 AM
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