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Real Name: Ichigo Kurosaki
Age: 15 (series start), 16 (current)
Gender: Male Species: Human, shinigami and vizard
Date of birth: July 15 Occupation: High school student, substitute shinigami
Known Relatives: Isshin Kurosaki (father), Masaki Kurosaki (mother, deceased), Yuzu Kurosaki(sister) and Karin Kurosaki (sister).
Zanpakutō: Zangetsu
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harry said...

Wow! Thanks I've been spoiled by your download links not to go to store and buy a copy there, i don't have much time to do it. thanks god there is HEROZONEX.BLOGSPOT.COM

10/19/07, 5:59 AM
black_hat said...

nice info about bleach, I am a fan of the show, I like the story on the evolution of the power of Ichgo.... :)

11/6/07, 7:06 AM
Darkwell said...

Thanks for Ichigo's Complete profile it was the Best!!!

11/13/07, 5:00 AM
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